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Salimantu F. Itoka

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Saliyah Itoka: I’m originally from Queens, NY but currently reside in Albany, NY. The kind of music that I make is a mix of R&B and neo-soul.  I don’t like to fit myself into a specific category of music because I want my music to reach all levels of emotion. The positivity that I received from people hearing my music has been amazing so far.  One of the things that I’ve heard that really keeps me going is that my music comes from my heart and to keep showing people who I am.  That’s one of the things that lets me know that people are taking notice and that they genuinely enjoy it.    


I have previously worked with JGI Media in Albany, NY.  I’ve walked for Atlantic City Fashion Week as well as New York Fashion Week.  I have also worked with Burning Guitars and Stevie Boi and have shot with Marcus Antonio.


I am currently working with music producer William Blanchard, Silver Moon Production, located in Schenectady, NY.  My project, titled “VII:7” (also known as “Project 7”), was released on March 23, 2018.  My concept for the project was to go through the stages of a relationship, or how I call it: the 7 stages of a relationship. One of the most personal notes about this project is that I solely wrote all of the songs.


Another thing that makes this project close to my heart is the fact that all of the songs are based from personal experiences that I’ve gone through.  Those experiences are from being all about each other to getting hurt and feeling like it wasn’t worth it to knowing that you did all you could in the relationship.  I wanted to show something different which is why I chose to have seven songs.  


My first single “In My Bed” was released on Valentine’s Day and is available on iTunes for download.  The music video was also released on the same day.  No matter what, I want to continue to do music not just for myself, but also to put out material that is going to continue to reach and inspire people.  Music has always been something that gave me a means to express myself even when I felt like I couldn’t.  If the music that I present gives someone an opportunity to do so, that satisfaction is what I want to keep giving out. If I made you feel something or struck a type of emotion as you listen to my music, that means I did my job as an artist.


I’m always looking to grow and give a different side of myself with every song that I write.  Every time I sing I want to always be able to project a little piece of myself to everyone.  My second EP titled “The Conversations V1” will be dropping before 2019 ends. This project will include some spoken word and will be a bit more personal than “VII:7”.

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