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About Us 

Silver Moon Production is a professional music production recording studio located in Schenectady New York. If you like warmth and clarity, you will be satisfied with composing and recording through our Midas Venice VF32 which is a 32-channel digital/analog hybrid mixer.

Our success comes from the ability to help music artists achieve tangible results.  At Silver Moon Production we will dedicate time so that you get the sound that you want. With our selection of equipment, we are sure to provide you with a high-quality product in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Silver Moon Production produces different genres of music including jazz, blues, country, hip-hop, R&B, Gospel, Classical, Soul, and Music for Theater. We also edit, remix and create music for different platforms and post-production work.

Are you a singer but not a writer?  Need words or you stuck on a melody, a verse or do not have the lyrics.? Contact our writer/composer to help you finish your song or album.

We offer Voice Over services and capturing the right sound is paramount and its best acquired in a well listening environment, that we take pride in.

Meet The Team

Will Blanchard

William Blanchard 
Music Producer

William Blanchard AKA “Will the Producer” is a versatile Music Producer. He was born on December 25, 1972, in Schenectady NY. At an early age, he practiced at his gift of playing the drums and keyboard. William was fortunate to play drums at Mardi Gras and at many jazz competitions and to perform at the Berklee School of Music in jazz band competitions. William also has been in performances with Mariah Carey, BeBe and Ce Ce, Heaven Bound, Lashun Pace, Dorinda Clark, and a host of others. In recent years William has built a recording studio where he also uses his gift to create classic beats, hot rhythms, and interesting melodies.

It’s there where he gets to work with many artists. At the end of the day, the average music listener always feels something when listening to his music compositions. William is satisfied blessing others with the gift that God has granted to him. He believes that music must take you from point A to point B, and often reminds us that it’s the space in between the notes that create feeling; it gives the listener an opportunity to feel. William believes that often, musicians forget this when composing music.


Most recently William was selected as the Musical Director for a promotional play of the Lion King put on by Disney. He also collaborated with Hip Hop Violist,  Josh Vietti. As William likes to say, “There is no such thing as a wrong note it just depends on how you use it”.Keep God first.

STEPH_pp sm.jpg

Stephon Burkett
Producer Writer Musician

Stephon Burkett born in Albany, New York is a producer extraordinaire for Silver Moon Production located in Schenectady, New York. Raised on gospel jazz and R&B Stephon began his music journey at an early age when his grandmother bought him his first piano at the age of 5. Intrigued by a myriad of professional musicians in his family including Earl Thorpe of the Fidelities, renowned bassist Ray Harper (Schenectady. NY) and many other vocalists, songwriters, actors, and actresses; he insightfully prepared

for a well-adapted musical escapade. He began as drummer for the Union Missionary Baptist Church, the first Baptist church built in Albany, NY. He attended Five Towns College Dix Hills, New York in which he majored in Audio Recording Technology.

His enthusiasm for the technological augmentations and superb ear for music is tantalizing. He impulsively learned a plethora of instruments from the congas to the bass guitar to accentuate his piano and drummer skills. Stephon gallantly pruned his musical integrity by improving his craft recording and performing with group N’Effect in Albany, NY.

After recording at various studios, Stephon joined with producer William Blanchard under Silver Moon Production. At Silver Moon they focused on the quality of their music and working with various Artists.

Stephon’s versatility is unmatched and radiates with his audacious sound.

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